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Jin Shin Jyutsu®

Boston Terrier

Gail and Carol
welcome your interest in exploring Jin Shin Jyutsu®.

The truth is that within each one of us lies the power to cast all misery aside
and to KNOW complete Peace and Oneness-BE that beautiful creation of perfect harmony-to truly

Know that one attracts things on the same level as one's thoughts and attitudes.
One cannot attract things that are not on the same level as one's thoughts.
They find no nutrition.
It is impossible to escape the consequences of one's own attitudes.
Mary Burmeister

We learn to recognize the wisdom of the body and restore balance.
Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient art of harmonizing life energy in the body which Jiro Murai rediscovered in the early 1900's. In the 1950's Mary Burmeister brought the art to the United States.

"The human body in made up of electronic vibration, with each atom and element of the body,
each organ and organism, having its electronic unit of vibration necessary for the sustenance of,
and equilibrium in, that particular organism. Each unit, then, being a cell or a unit of life in itself has the capacity of reproducing itself
by the first law as is known of reproduction-division.
When a force in any organ or element of the body becomes deficient in its ability to reproduce
that equilibruim necessary for the sustenance of physical existence and its reproduction,
that portion becomes deficient in electronic energy.
This may come by injury or disease, received by external forces. It may come from internal forces
through lack of elimination produced in the system or by other agencies to meet its requirements in the body."
Edgar Cayce (1928)


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